Bead Aid

The Bead Aid is a knitting tool handcrafted from the same steel as a sewing needle, and is used to add beads to any knitting or crochet work. It can do this without having to pre-string the beads.

The Bead Aid provides a faster and easier method than using crochet a hook and it can be used for any bead that fits over the yarn..

A quick video demonstration

Step-by-step to using a Bead Aid:

(1) Slip the stitch to be knitted off the needle.
(2) Insert loop between Bead Aid wires.
(3) Slide yarn to the folded end of the Bead Aid.
(4) Slip a bead over both ends of the Bead Aid.
(5) Pull the stitch through the bead.
(6) Remove the Bead Aid.
(7) Place the stitch on the left needle and continue knitting.

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Each package contains 2 Bead Aids for $8.00

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Every Bead Aid is made by hand. Please allow 1-2 weeks for large orders.


Sarah Lajoie is a fiber artist and knitting enthusiast from Portland, Oregon, and is also known as Attitude Hats where she hand-felts custom-made hats. She makes all of her products in her own studio and you can often find her work in local stores. The Bead Aid was something she created when it seemed like there should be an easier way to integrate beads with knitting... and there was!

If you have any questions or wholesale inquiries, send an email to Sarah Lajoie.

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